Here you can view my photography web portfolio.

Please browse through my portfolio, I have created different themes to reflect my interests. Portraits and self-portrait, my love for black and white photography can be seen in the collection of Shadows and Reflections and also the Human body and connection. I love to capture interesting moments out of time, these can be seen in Special Moments, and Stillness. Nature and it’s force create Atmospheric images. As I live in nature I love to include Fruits and Flowers and Animals. The urban world also has it’s beauty, see Towns and Architecture.

I have two collections which were exhibited in past years, “Harmony in Nature” and “the Flowering of Magic“.

I am constantly taking photos and creating art with them, please also visit my site showing my multimedia artwork using photomontage, mixed media techniques with paint and other texture, and filmwork. art.mischart.com

Since the COVID pandemic and when we first went into lockdown earlier this year 2020 I started sharing a daily image with some inspirational words on INSTAGRAM. I find this a very interesting and rewarding exercise of repetition and discipline, almost like a meditation which helps me go deeper each time into what I wish to express. Please feel free to follow me on this journey of discovery.