My Vision

Photography for me is an immediate form of capturing imagery which are attractors to the eye. It enables me to frame my vision. I love this medium as a way of expressing what I see and feel as a reflection of life and its many facets.

It becomes a constant exploration and connection to the intuitive world, aiming to release mental distractions and becoming present in the now.

I like to deepen my journey with this tool and follow my heart, exploring the space where the invisible and the visible unite.

In an era of such image abundance, my wish and joy is to capture the attention of the viewer and offer them a gift, either as a feeling of peace or connection, or a questioning of something, or an inspiration. The mirroring from the viewer is where I learn my deepest revelations, so the sharing is of great importance.

Mischa Fulljames

Mischa’s passion for photography started at an early age, when she was 10 and her grandfather gave her a small camera. In her teens she spent hours in the dark room processing and printing photos. She then continued in her Art Career studying a Fine Art Mixed Media degree in Kingston University, London. Here she created art with photography, installation, printmaking and film.

Mischa has won various International photography competitions, including the Lumix Panasonic Award. She has also self published a couple of books.

As well as showing work in exhibitions Mischa has done display and wedding photography, always where the client wanted something different, not standard, with an artistic angle. She also does design work